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HIM's crew

HIM's Ex Members

Jussi Mikko "Juska" Salminen



Born on 26 September 1977 in Kouvola ( at Kuusankoski Hospital ) he was Him keyboardist from November 1998 till December 2000. He left the band after the New Year's gig at Tavastia.
Since October Zoltan Pluto (one of his nickname, along with Juska, Jussukka, Jussi 2000, John 2000, Haemo Phyle) had informed the guys of his decision to quit the band in order to pursue other projects in job and life. Everything happened without any fuss or argument, in a very friendly way.

Trivia: He has an heartagram tattoed in the middle of his chest.

» Band after HIM

To/Die/For ex Mary-Ann
Band info: To/Die/For started in 1999 and they are still active.
Genre: Gothic Metal.
Lyrical themes: death, angst, love and melancholy.
Juska's role: keyboardist from 1998 to 2006.
• All Eternity - Full-length, 1999
• Farewell - (Promo MCD) EP, 2000
• In the Heat of the Night - (Promo MCD) EP, 2000
• In the Heat of the Night - Single, 2000
• Hollow Heart - Single, 2001
• Epilogue - Full-length, 2001
• Jaded - Full-length, 2003
• Little Deaths - Single, 2005
• IV - Full-length, 2005
• Like Never Before - Single, 2006
• Wounds Wide Open
Current line-up:
Jarno "Jape" Perätalo - Vocals (1999- ) (Tiaga)
Antti-Matti "Antza" Talala - Guitar (Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Fleshtone, Kalmah)
Joonas "Jope" Koto - Guitar (1999-2003, 2006-) (HateFrame, Malpractice (Fin))
Jarkko "Josey" Strandman - Bass (Lyijykomppania, New Dawn Foundation)
Toni Paananen - Drums (2008- ) (Malpractice (Fin), Reversion, Rock)

Info: the band started in 2003, no more active.
Genre: Gothic Metal.
Lyrical theme: love.
Juska's role: keyboardist.
• Demo, self-released, 2003
1. World is Made for Me
2. Forever Autumn
3. No Turning Back
Last known line-up:
Jape Perätalo - Vocals (Mary-Ann, To/Die/For)
J.P. Sutela - Guitar (Mary-Ann, To/Die/For)
Mika "Alli" Ahtiainen - Guitar (To/Die/For)
Juska Salminen - Keyboard (HIM, Mary-Ann, New Dawn Foundation, To/Die/For)
Santtu Lonka - Drums (New Dawn Foundation, To/Die/For)

New Dawn Foundation
Info: the band started in .
Genere: Melodic Gothic Metal.
Lyrical theme: love, life.
Juska's role: keyboardist.
• So Damn Lost Again - Demo, 2001
• Demosonic Landscape - Demo, 2004
• Wrapped in Plastic - Single, 2006
• Moment Of Clarity - Full-length, 2006
Current line-up:
Miikka Kuisma - Guitar, Keyboard (Mary-Ann, To/Die/For)
Antonio W. - Vocals (Chevi Eye)
Ossi Kilkki - Bass
Mika Hempilä - Guitar
Miikka Tikka - Drums (Malpractice (Fin), Sanctify)

Juhana Tuomas Rantala "Pätkä"




Juhana Tuomas Rantala "Pätkä"
Born on February 11, 1974 in Tampere (Finland), was the drummer of HIM from 1995 to1999.
He was nicknamed Patka because he had a friend named Pekka (Patka and Pekka are celebrities in Finland since they're characters of comedies) As a child, he lived in Riihimäki and Rovaniemi, then moved to Lappeenranta.Before joining HIM, he played with Slumgudgeon.While he was performing on Tavastia stage, he drew attention of Ville , Linde and Migè who were looking for a drummer and were impressed by his style. Both band were friends to the singer of Jimsonweed (Suho Superstar) and he gave Ville Patka's telephone number. Even though Ville was afraid to bring into the group someone who wasn't a long time friend , they met and after listening to HIM demo Patka decided to join the band.
In the summer of 1995 they recorded a demo including Stigmata Diaboli, The Phantom Gate e Wicked Game,that would become a big hit in the next years.
He organized the first HIM session in Tapanila and got the idea of signing up Juska as keyboardist.
He left the band before Razorblade Romance :in 1999. Patka was kicked out and learned of the news when he had already been replaced with another guy. There were a lot of reasons for his dismissal,his girlfriend was pregnant, but the most important was his excessive love for alcohol.
The whole situation made him to fall into a depressive state. He admitted that he could only read Futari, Finnish football magazine, in which there weren't Ville's pictures.
Nowdays Patka has got two children and works at Semifinal selling beer to thirsty customers.

Trivia: his favourite drink is the Saatanan Voitto (Satan's victory),made up by Migè and Patka himself. Spray some lemon on the glass rim and then put the sugar down. Fill the glass with Strohl o Yhden Tähden Jaloviina and drink.

» Band  before HIM

Info: the band started in 1992 and broke up in 1995
Genre: Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal.
Lyrical theme: life.
Pätkä:'role: drums player.
• Demo self-released 1992
• Durga - EP, 1992
• Full Circle - 1993
• ...And on What Grounds? - Full-length, 1993
• Factoraped - Full-length, 1995
Last known line-up:
Heikki "Hessu" Kärkkäinen - Vocals, guitar (Mokoma)
Marko Annala - Guitar (Mokoma)
Johnny Johansson - Bass
Juhana "Pätkä" Rantala - Drums (Divine Decay, Mokoma, HIM)

» Band  after HIM

Info: the band started in 1996 and is still active
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal (1996-2002), Thrash Metal (2003-).
Lyrical theme: emotions, life, inside struggles
Pätkä's role: drums player
• Kasvan - Single, 1999
• Perspektiivi - Single, 1999
• Valu - Full-length, 1999
• Rajapyykkim - Single, 2001
• Seitsemän sinetin takana - Single, 2001
• Mokoman 120 päivää - Full-length, 2001
• Takatalvi - Single, 2003
• Kurimus - Full-length, 2003
• Punainen Kukko - EP, 2003
• Tämän maailman ruhtinaan hovi - Full-length, 2004
• Mokoma DVD - DVD, 2004
• Kuoleman laulukunnaat - Full-length, 2006
• Viides vuodenaika - EP, 2006
• Sakara Tour: Lutakko, Jyväskylä - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Nosturi, Helsinki - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Sibeliustalo, Lahti - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Teatria, Oulu - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Tivoli, Rovaniemi - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour: Työnkulma, Kuopio - Split, 2007
• Sakara Tour 2006 DVD - Split, 2007
• Nujerra ihminen - Single, 2007
• Luihin ja ytimiin- Full-length, 2007
Current line-up
Marko Annala - Vocals (Slumgudgeon, Pronssinen Pokaali)
Tuomo Saikkonen - Guitar, Vocals (The Machete, Mind Riot)
Kuisma Aalto - Guitar, Vocals (The Machete)
Santtu Hämäläinen - Bass (The Machete)
Janne Hyrkäs - Drums (Pronssinen Pokaali)

Divine Decay
Info: the bans started in 1999 and is still active
Genre: Thrash metal
Lyrical theme:
Pätkä's role: drums player
• Batcave Sessions - Demo, 1999
• Songs of the Damned - Full-length, 2001
• Maximize the Misery - Full-length, 2003
Last known line-up
Alec Hirst-Gee - Vocals, Guitar (Suburban Tribe)
Paul (Pale) - Guitar (Hybrid Children)
Stig Evil (Timo Nyberg) - Guitar (Gandalf (Fin), The Scourger)
Tony (Toni Grönroos) - Bass (Am I Blood, St. Mucus)
Pätkä (Juhana Rantala) - Drums (Mokoma, Slumgudgeon, HIM)

Pätkä's role: drums player.

Evil Beatles
Pätkä's role: drums player.

Antto Einari Melasniemi




Born on November 11, 1975 in Helsinki (Finland), was the keyboardist of HIM from 1995 to November 1998.
He approached music world playing different instruments, like saxophone and percussion, then he focused only on keyboards.
He lived his first five years in Helsinki, then he moved with his family in Järvenpää (about 30 km north of Helsinki). His father stayed in Helsinki and here Antto spent his weekends with friends. His brothers, Mika and Mali Turkka were artists too, they formed a duo playing traditional Finnish songs. Antto's cousin, Joel Melasniemi, was Ville's band mate in Donits-Osmo Experience.
He did the go between Ville and Antto, so they became friends. HIM needed someone who reproduced the sound of rain in their first demo, so Antoo started his career in Him taking care of backgrounds. "It was not planned that Antto became part of HIM, but it happened," said Ville. Because of his personality, his laziness and lack of method, he was expelled from the band and during his stay, he clashed with Ville because of Antto 's lack of seriousness.

Trivia: In the video Wicked Game, shot in Germany in a dark set, with rain, snow and girls with PVC pants, Antto appeared at the end, as a snowman. The director knew that there was a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer in the band, but nobody had told him that there was also a keyboard player, and that's why Antto does not appear in the video.

» After HIM
He worked in Amsterdam and then he moved to France, where he started a career as a chef.



Mika Kristian Karppinen


Born on 8 February 1971 in Eskilstuna (Sweden) he was Him drummer from 1998 till December 2014. After 16 years of faithful service, Gas Lipstick (one of his nickname, along with Gas, Kaasu, Gas Lipstick, Miksu, Mike Ceer, Baby Cognac, Buddha Cognac, Peter Hornström) admitted that his “heart was not in it 100% anymore,” though he made sure to stress there are no hard feelings between himself and the other HIM members.

Gas Lipstick released the following message on his personal Facebook page:


With a heavy heart I’m announcing my departure from HIM, a magnificent band that I’ve been part of for the past 16 magical years. It has been a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life. There is no drama, bad blood or any negativity involved in my departure.

I simply feel that it’s time for me to move on as a musician.

I have noticed during the final stages of our last tour that my heart was not in it 100% anymore.

I’ve always been a guy who played every note straight from my heart and I feel the music very strongly while I perform. If my heart feels that it’s time to let it go, then I have to listen because otherwise it wouldn’t be right towards myself, the rest of the band or you wonderful fans. It would end up being a forced effort and I can’t perform or create like that.

Another thing that I’ve recently started to miss is songwriting. I’ve always been a songwriter. I didn’t feel the need to write after I joined the band in 1999 and noticed that Ville is a tremendous songwriter. In my mind he has never brought a single half assed song to the practice room. Every song was top notch and I felt that I didn’t have the need to stir the mix. All of his songs were amazing as he presented them. But last fall I’ve started to feel that I’m missing writing again and that I would like to pursue my own musical interests. I started to miss the feeling of being in a band, where I could be one of the songwriters again.

Three years ago, I had a very heavy year with my arm problems and it took a toll on me. It took me 9 stressful months to get back into playing shape, but after recording the “Tears On Tape” record and performing 100 + live shows following the release of that record, I can safely say that I’m back 100% physically and mentally. Those 9 stressful months were one of the toughest periods I have ever experienced throughout my career and adding everything mentioned above, I feel that I need a change in life. I need a fresh start.

I have nothing but great words to say about my brothers: Ville, Mige, Burton, and Linde, our touring crew Viltsu, Antti, Manne, Sean, Brad and our management Seppo, Taina and Vuokko. I wish them nothing but a great success in the future! They are all amazing people and it has been a pleasure working with them all of these years. I’d like to as well thank all the record company people, promoters, past crew members, producers and engineers that I’ve had the privilege to get to know and work with. You rock BIG TIME!

And for the last but not the least important I’d like to thank all of you fabulous fans. Thank you for your never ending support and love. HIM has the best fans in the world! Without you, nothing would’ve been possible.

I hope that our paths will cross again eventually and you can count on that I’m going to keep you posted about my future endeavours in the crazy world of Musicland. Stay tuned!"

Cheers, Gas Lipstick.


BANDS BEFORE HIM:Hairless Future, Dementia, Kyyria

SIDE PROJECTS:Bendover, Kotipelto
TRIVIA:Gas is left-handed and wears glasses. He can also play guitar.

HIM's EX members edited by Anesthesia.
© The Heartagram Path.
Credits for the infos about the bands go to Encyclopaedia Metallum.

HIM's crew

Seppo Vesterinen

Seppo Vesterinen is a Finnish producer, manager and rock music expert. He has been both Hanoi Rocks and The Rasmus' manager but at the moment he works with HIM. He's an ifluent person in the Finnish rock music scene and he's worked with all the most important Finnish bands except Nightwish. His career began in the 70's, as the producer of the Helsinki Festival. He also met international artists such as Frank Zappa, Weather Report and Andrej Wajdan. In 1974, he organized a show in Kaivopuiisto, one of the most famous parks in Helsinki, starting a tradition that still lasts.
During the autmun in 1980, he was asked to be Hanoi Rock's manager, so he started working in the glam rock, hard rock and glam punk scene of that period. Since the beginning, Versterinen noticed the band's skill so that according to him the success was assured. His hard word was rewarded with a great worldwide success but, despite his efforts, in 1985 the band split up. Though he's still in good friendship with both the singer Michael Monroe and the guitarist Andy McCoy.
Fro 1990 to 1995, Seppo temporary abandoned the music scene to produce theatre shows, festivals and cultural events, collaborating with both the Helsinki University and the school of fine arts. Since 1999, he's HIM's personal manager and he takes care not just of their shows, but also of interviews and sign sessions.

From: wiki.fi
Translation edited by: Sweetie_616


Silke Yli-Sirniö

She's HIM's Mutti (mother in German), who takes care of everything about promotion, starting from interviews. She often goes on tour with them, to the interviews and the awards shows. Her career in the music scene started in Germany in the 80's as a DJ. From there, her way to promotion was short; indeed, in 1999 Silek started working in EFA, one of the most important promotional agency in Germany, working with bands such as Alternative Tentcles and Touch & Co. In 1993, she started working with the Finnish band Waltari, a job that smoothed her way to the management of other bands , for examples Hybrid Children e Suburban Tribe. She received the proper recognitions and the right experience to open her own agency ; Tough Enough Promotion. We can say that Waltari are almost a prelude to perhaps the most important and profitable assignment in her career. In 1997 Silke takes HIM into her agency and deals with their promotion in Germany and internationally. She also worked with other Finnish band : in 1999, Silke started her collaboration with Nightwish , bringing in several awards. At the same time, the Tough Enough Promotion begins its collaboration with the German label Drakkar Entertainment (BMG), taking care of the promotion for some of their band. Maybe her love for Finnish recording industry has been so strong that in 2005 Silke decides to relocate TEP in Helsinki. Since then, there is a long series of succesful collaborations : in 2006 Lordi win the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, representing Finland, Negative have a big success in Europe with a sold out tour, and TEP takes also care of the promotion of 69 Eyes' album Angels. Since October 2007, Silke also deals with the independent label Nuclear Blast and Finnish bands of the alternative country scene.

Tough Enough Promotion Myspace

Tiina Vuorinen

From: Synnin Viemaa.
"When Katja put the EP on my desk I listened to it right away, which I never do. I thought that was the band of the radio and promised to take the boys under my wing, if they would like . Later I met them and realized they were really excited. Patka was the only one whom I spoke to . The others were too shy and stared at their shoes all the time. When I knew them better, I noticed that Ville was very serious in his work and seemed older than his age. Every time I had in mind to tell him something, he had already said and I could only say yes!"

She is Seppo's ex wife and the first HIM manager. In 1994 , after their first performance at Tavastia and after having listened to Wicked Game at the radio , she contacted the band. Later she passed the band's management to Seppo.

Album Producers

Asko Kallonen, Tim Palmer, Hiili Hiilesmaa, John Fryer, Kevin Shirley


Asko Kallonen

From: Synnin Viemaa.
"That was really the first concert of HIM I've ever seen," says Asko Kallonen BMG. "The guys did a good live show and we said that one day they would be great . There were no journalists that night, but after that night at Tavastia Wicked Game was passed several times on the radio. "
He's a music producer in Finland. Since 1993 he has worked as production manager for BMG Finland. Since 2005 Kallonen is co-owner, president and artistic director of the label Helsinki Music Company. He has worked with HIM, with Anssi Kela, with Samuli Edelmann and Lordi. For seven consecutive years he has won an award at the Music & Media event and is a judge of the program Idols. Kallonen studied at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Helsinki. He's married to the writer Katja Kallio and has two daughters, Elsa and Esther. His first wife was the writer and editor Nina Honkanen.

From: wiki.fi
Translation edited byi: Sweetie_616



Tim Palmer

One of the most influential music producers in the world, Tim Palmer began working for Utopia Studios in London in the 80s. In this decade, Palmer became a producer, starting his climb towards success. He produced David Bowie's debut album,just one of the top names that became part of his curriculum , he worked in fact with bands like U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers HIM.


Tim Palmer's Official Site


Hiili Hiilesmaa

Hili Hiilesmaa is a music producer since the '90s; skilled at all styles, but with a strong inclination for metal, he worked with some of the most influential bands as HIM, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes, Sentenced and Lordi. In addition to his career as a music producer, Hiili was directly involved in music , playing in several bands (Road Crew, Itä-Saksa, The Skreppers, KYPCK) in the early 80s, alternating between instruments and voice.



Hiili Hiilesmaa Page

From: wiki.fi
Traduzione a cura di: Sweetie_616


John Fryer

He's a music producer in London, he has also his own label , the Something To Listen To. He worked for several labels (4AD, Mute, Rough Trade, Beggars Banquet), with different genres, working with bands like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails.




John Fryer Bio



Kevin Shirley

He was born in Johannesburg, 29 June 1960 and his nickname is "The Caveman". Besides HIm, he is the producer of bands like Slayer., Iron Maiden e Dream Theater.





Kevin Shirley Bio



T. T. Oksala

Timo Tapani Oksala, born in April 9, 1958 is a guitarist and music producer in Finland. He started his career as a musician in 1978, inaugurating the Ruisrock festival with "Oksala & Storm Band." Since the '80s, he devoted himself to music production, and in 1985 was nominated to 'Emma Gaal" . Oksala recently has worked with several Finnish bands like HIM, Stratovarius, Ultra Bra, Lordi and Fintelligens.

From: wiki.fi
Translation edited by: Sweetie_616



Gig Crew

Sean Mc Carthy, Janne Vuori, Ilkaa Kuusimäki, Pasi Hara, Martin Korfer, Juho K. Juntunen

Pasi Hara

Burton's good friend , he worked with the band from the beginning. He is a sound engineer..


Janne Vuori

Born in Finland, he started working with the boys from their debut and was their sound engineer till 2005. He is the drummer of 69 Eyes Jussi's brother.



Ilkaa Kuusimäki

Finnish, he started working with the band from the beginning as light engineer.



Sean Mc Carthy

Gas' roadie from the start (drums). He comes from Scotland.

Martin Korfer

He ìs the guitar engineer and comes from Germany.

Juho K. Juntunen

He's the author of the first official HIM biography, released in Finland in 2002, with 250 pages of biography and (at the time)inedited photos.

Collaborations, Singers, Models

June Hyde

From : Synnin Viemaa.
"June Hyde sang the duet, she's the girl who screams at the beginning of"The Heartless" in the first EP. June is a dear school friend: she lived in the sameneighborhood where I lived with my parents since the first class. Her father is English and her mother is Finnish, that's why she speaks an excellent English . She's an old elementary school crush. We went to the same Junior High School and in the same class. She started to hang out with Linde and they stayed together for six years. If I remember correctly, Linde did not want June in the studio because they had just broke up and he did not want to be there while June was singing."

Her real name is June Elizabeth Hyde and she lives in London ; her stage name is Sanna-June Hyde . She is friend to Asta Hannula, another HIM female voice. She is a childhood Ville's friend and ex Linde's girlfriend . According to Finnish tabloid Katso she would have had an affair with Ville too and there was a gossip about the tattoo on Ville's nipple, that it could mean SJ, Sanna June.

Asta Hannula

June Hyde' friend, she did background vocals in" For you"


Ninja Sarasalo

She is the female protagonist of "Right Here In My Arms " video. At the time she was 17. Ninja Sarasalo Bettina Elisabeth was born in Helsinki, Finland, May 8, 1982 and she is a model and singer. As a model, she is considered one of the most famous top models in Finland, always the favorite of the stylist Jean Paul Walter. She has also appeared in many glossy magazines like Vogue, Elle and GQ and she treaded the most popular and prestigious runways around the world, like Milan, Paris and New York. On the musical side, Ninja released an album - I Do not Play Guitar - in 2007 and the first single - Fashion - 2006.

Nicolette Groeler

She's a South African model, featured in the In Joy and Sorrow video; She was, during the shot, 24 years old.








Vanda Vosatkova


She's the model featured in the The Sacrament video;  Bam recruited her through a Czech model agency.






Juliette Lewis

In 2003, she appeared in Buried Alive By Love video. Juliette Lewis was born in Los Angeles, California, on the   21th of July 1973 . Juliette is a worldwide known star:  as an actress, she was nominated for an Academy Award  for Best Supporting Actress for Cape Fear; Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend , she is also the lead singer of the band   Juliette and the Licks.


Helldone Crew

Negative, The 69 Eyes, Juhani Merimaa


Negative is a finnish glam rock band, successful in Europe and  abroad. Their debut concert was in 1998, while their first album, War of Love, was released in 2002. Negative play often at the Helldone Festival, held every year in Tavastia Klubi.





The 69 Eyes
The Helsinki Vampires, gothic metal band, debut in 1992 with Bump'n'Grind. Long time friends of HIM,  Jyrki & Co are one of the most successful finnish bands in Europe and United States. In some of their albums we can find Ville's backing vocals. The 69 Eyes play oten at the Helldone Festival.






Juhani Merimaa

Owner of Tavastia Klubi, one of the most important clubs in the finnish rock and metal scene. HIM debut at Tavastia in 1994. Today, Tavastia Klubi is the location of the Helldone Festival.






Parents, Family, Friends, Ex


Anita Valo

Ville about Anita.
«She was just disappointed that I couldn't go to the army». Now she's proud of him and his success. «My mother and my father are happy. They often ask me for free-CDs. But actually it's nothing special for them to see me on stage. They have seen me preparing myself for this moment and rehearsing for fifteen years. Now they are happy that I finally can do what I've wanted to do for a long time, and that I can pay my rents and cigarettes».


Anita is Ville's mother. There aren't many informations about her. She's Ungarian and has a very strong relation with Ville. When he left school, she tried to support him in all his decisions.  Her portrait is on the cover of the EP 666 ways to love: The prologue.

Kari Valo
Ville's father, former taxi driver and now owner of  a sex shop in Helsinki, the Aikuisten Lelukauppa. His shop, in Kallio, is a gathering point for HIM fans from  all over the world.




Less than a minute. Kari Valo - Poison Arrow Interview


Jesse Valo

Ville's younger brother, Jesse was born in 1983 in Helsinki. He's a musician, too. Former bass player of Iconcrash, now plays his bass in Vanity Beach. When he was younger, he was a professional Thai Boxer.

• World Championship: Silver
• European Championship: bronze
• Finnish Championship: gold



Ville's girlfriend until 2002. She was at M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim (Germany) and took part in the  Bravo-TV- report. Rumors says the "S" tattooed on Ville's nipple stands for Susanna. She was the inspiring muse behind the lyrics of "Razorblade Romance".


Jonna Nygren

Ville's girlfriend until 2006. They met because of Bam, who knew her  from some photoshoots she made in the United States. Jonna is a finnish model from Helsinki. Ville and Jonna's relationship seemed to be serious: they both go their initials tattooed on the ring finger and they talked about having a baby.

Bam Margera

The number one of the HIM fans, Brandon Cole Margera is a real maniac for all that concerns H.I.M.,heartagram and Ville Valo. Good friend of Ville's , shares with him the rights on the heartagram, used in his brands  Adio and Element. He has many heartagram tattoos and his home, Castle Bam is full of heartagrams and pictures of the band. Bam directed also some videos of HIM, like Solitary Man, The Sacrament, Buried Alive by Love. He's a pro skater and a  radio and tv star, known for shows like Jackass, Viva La Bam , Bam's Unholy Union.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D is the HIM official  tattoo artist. By her are the poets' portraits on Ville's arm, the Poe's eyes on his back and the heartagram on his nipple. Half Mexican and half German, Katherine Von Drachenberg moved to Los Angeles with her family at the age of 4. At 14 she started tattoeing, and in ten years she became one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world.  She tattooed Axl Rose, 30 seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance. After the dismissal from Miami Ink, Kat opened her tattoo studio, the High Voltage Tattoo; hosted LA Ink; designed a fashion brand and make up products for Sephora; published a book; produced a brand of skates with Bam Margera; appeared in the american version of  Killing Loneliness.

Cristina Scabbia
The Italian Queen of Metal. Cristina is the lead singer of the band Lacuna Coil, known all around the world.  Ville and Cristina are friends and in 2005 they did a photoshoot for the German magazine Sonic Seducer.




Model and singer, Manna is Linde's ex wife.  In her debut album, Sister, appears a duet with Ville, Just for tonight.

She's Linde and Manna's daughter. Olivia was born in Helsinki on the 6th of March, 2003.





From Croatia, Vedrana is Migè's wife.



Ritta Elstela
Finnish actress and  Migè's mother. Her father was a famous actor too.

Helmut is the nickname of Migè's brother. Break dance champions in the eighties.



Natali Paic
Natali, from Croatia, is Gas' wife since 2008. In early 2009 was born their baby, Lara.


HIM's Crew by Olly Olly Oxen Free.

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