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Interviews - The exclusive interviews by The Heartagram Path

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- Sailor Andy: "I tattoo rock stars now" - Our Olly interviews Sailor Andy, tattoer in Helsinki

- Greetings to all italian fans!- Kari Valo - Ville's father- in a little interview by Vlad

- Valvas: two faces of the same coin - Interview by Olly Olly Oxen Free

- Avelina De Moray: the goth heart of photography - Olly Olly Oxen Free interviews the Australian photographer and musician Adelina De Moray

- David Harouni: "I paint to inspire" - InVenereVeritas interviews David Harouni, painter of the cover art of Venus Doom

- Mantis Le Sin - Bittersweet_Spell interviews Mantis LeSin, frontman of InSex and of the cover band Love’s Requiem.

- Greg Watermann and Digital Versatile Doom - lovehim interviews the photographer of the Digital Versatiel Doom

- Hiili Hiilesmaa: Ville knew clearly what he wanted - lovehim interviews Hiili Hiilesmaa

- Dommin: the sound of the broken-hearted - Olly Olly Oxen Free interviews Kristofer Dommin, frontman of the American band Dommin


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- Roxy Bar - cover bands and so on...

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Biography - Band biography, by Olly Olly Oxen Free

Members - Biography of HIM members

Discography - Complete guide to the official discography by Olly Olly Oxen Free

Videography - Complete guide to the official videography

Simbologia - Complete guide to HIM Simbology by lovehim.

Side projects - Complete guide to HIM collaborations and side projects by Olly Olly Oxen Free

HIM's crew - WHo does collaborate with HIM? A complete guide to their crew. By Olly Olly Oxen Free

Interviews - A rich archive where you can find lots of HIM interviews.

Reviewsi - Section where you can find all our interviews.

Here you can find:

- Greatest Love Song Vol. 666 - by lovehim.

- Razorblade Romance - by Heretic Seal.

- Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S. - by Bittersweet_spell and Poisoned_tear.

Gallery - The faces of God: plenty of  HIM's images.

Tattoo's gallery - Complete guide to HIM's tattoos. By Olly Olly Oxen Free





Tour 2010 - updated list of the upcoming 2010 HIM tour.

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Reviews - Reviews of the gigd we've been to written by us

- Gurten festival 2008: A show impossible to forget…

- Gurten festival 2008: Forever in my heart

- Firenze 2008: My HIM adventure

- Firenze 2008: My experience

- Firenze 2008: Story of a wonderful HIM day

- Milano 2008: buried alive by HIM

- Milano 2008: HIM chronicle of a fan

- Milano 2008: the first time cannot be forgotten

- Helldone 2008: Dicember 29th, 30th, 31st

- Helldone 2008: 3...2...1... HIM!

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His Infernal Magazine

The Heartagram Path: our story

August 16th, 2009 Terni, Umbria


When eleven girls, bonded together by a great passion, met each other on a summer holiday, dreams, fantasies and ideas start to flow like little snowflakes in winter. So all of this is born, in a little resort in Terni. For the love of HIM we have met each other, and became friends. The time had finally come for a little revolution on the web =) While eating the fabulous cheesecake made by Alessia, the sweet notes of The Path guided us choosing our site’s name. The Heartagram Path is a journey, in many ways: the journey that leads, from a heart and a pentagram, to the heartagram; the journey of every HIM fan, when all their songs become so important in everyday life; and our personal journey, when the path of everyone of us crossed each other, letting us meet wonderful friends with whom share emotions and gigs, all because of HIM.

So, this name seemed to be the best for our new project. And then we came home…time to work seriously! With all the patience that comes only from a great love, we started building our new virtual home: the website, the board, the pages on the social networks.

And surely this is not all, we still have so much ideas to develop with all of you !

A big, big thanks goes to Vlad, for her creativity, her beautiful ideas, her informatic knowledge and support.

This is only the beginning, our story starts now!

With Love Metal,

The Heartagram Path Staff


"Just countless mistakes"
Just countless mistakes… sometimes ago. The Heartagram Path means to me a way out, the new path I decide to take in my life. And there’s no escape. Now I have a way out, a reason. My love for five musicians, for their songs and the beautiful emotions they give: they bond people together and give you energy to take decisions. Because music is not only chords, but also a philosophy. And the Heartagram is mine.

Olly Olly Oxen Free




HIM’s music has done so much to me in all these years. It cradled and lulled me, it healed all the wounds. And it’s not all. It made me know wonderful people, it gave me the joy to share beautiful moments with all my darlings: the first HIM concert, the nights spent waiting for an interview… This is The Heartagram Path: passion, love. A great, big family I love to be in!

My personal Heartagram Path began on march 6th 2008 while, waiting in line for my first HIM gig, I met all the persons who are now so important in my life. I’m thankful to HIM in so many ways: their music made me discover again a part of me almost forgotten and, above all, made me know the best friends I ever had!


Passions nourish us, and when I think about a thing I couldn’t live without, to my mind comes only one word: HIM. And it’s wonderful to meet people with my same passion. When I think of a little place in the virtual world where I can be myself, I think about The Heartagram Path.


In february, 2008 I listened to HIM for the first time. Since then, I entered a new world of passion and emotions. Every song means something important to me, every note is a little bond between me and the beautiful persons with whom I follow this path: my Heartagram Path.

Heretic Seal

It all began with a song. I didn’t know HIM and I didn’t know one day I’d become a part of all this. That song really changed my life: it made me discover a wonderful country I totally fall in love with, it made me know very special people who made my life better. HIM made me who I am and I never stop to thank them for this.



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For any enquiries about the site, boards, gallery and so on, you can contact us to the following emails:
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(generic problems about both the website and the forum)

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