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Unofficial CDs & DVDs

Unofficial HIM's CDs

Live & Undercover


1. Right Here in My Arms
2. Your Sweet 666
3. Poison Girl
4. Death Is in Love With Us
5. Wicked Game
6. Join Me
7. Pretending
8. In Joy and Sorrow
9. One Last Time
10. Heartache Every Moment
11. Enjoy the Silence
12. Larger Than Life
13. Rebel Yell
14. The Heartless
15. Join Me in Death (Razorblade mix)
16. The Heartless (Space Jazz Dubmen mix)

Maximum HIM: The Unauthorised Biography of HIM


Release date: 2004
Label: Chrome Dreams


It's an unauthorized audio biography of the band since their beginning and about how they made to become one of the most famous Finnish rock bands. It contains the biographies of all the members. There's an 8 page booklet and some mini posters.

1. Adrenalin, Energy and Abandon
2. Birth of a Legend
3. Saviours of Rock
4. Massive Acclaim
5. A New Level
6. Path of Glory
7. Ushering in a New Dawn
8. Getting to the Root
9. Individual Characters
10. Life-Affirming Genius

HIM X-posed


Release date: May 1st, 2006
Label: Chrome Dreams

In this audio CD the band tells its story. There're some exclusive interviews where HIM talks about the band inspiration, what made their music so famous, and how they managed to sell millions of CDs all around the World and much more.

There's a 4 page booklet and some posters.

Him: The Lowdown


Release date: October 22nd, 2007
Label: SEIN

It's a two CDs collection  (Maximum HIM-The unauthorized biography and H.I.M. X-Posed The Interview). It includes the biography and band interviews, a booklet and some posters.

Deadly Love Live

Release date: June 16th, 2003

Live recorded in Pampas, Finland.

It contains:
Part I: Sigillum Diaboli, Heartache Every Moment, Your Sweet 666, Poison Girl
Part II: In Joy and Sorrow
Part III: Lose You Tonight, Right Here in my Arms
Part IV: Solitary Man (Neil Diamond Cover)
Part V: Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart
Part VI: Join me in Death
Part VII: Please don't let it go
Part VIII: Pretending
Part IX: Wicked Game (Chris Isaac Cover)

Unofficial HIM's DVDs

Poison Arrow


Release date: November 15th, 2005
Label: Chrome Dreams

This DVD is a sort of documentary about the band that retraces their career through interviews to both the band and their friends and beloved ones, as Ville's father, Kari Valo, or their PR manager Silke Yli-Sirnioe and Tomi Saarine, a Finnish radio DJ and much more.

Buried alive in Hamburg


Release date: March 3rd, 2003
Label: Dark Room Entertainment

Live recorded at Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany.
Just 500 released copies and the first 200 contained an original HIM VIP pass.

It contains:
1. Intro
2. Buried Alive By Love
3. The Funeral Of Heats
4. Beyond Redemption
5. Sweet Pandemonium
6. Soul On Fire
7. The Sacrament
8. This Fortress Of Tears
9. Circle Of Fear
10. Endless Dark
11. Right Here In My Arms
12. Heartache Every Moment
13. Your Sweet Six Six Six
14. Wicked Game
15. Join Me

Born Again Romantics


Release date: 2009
Label: Silver And Gold

This DVD, released in 2009, is a new edition of the previous Poison Arrow.

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