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HIM's Demos

Demo #1: Witches And Other Nightfears

Recorded in Finland in 1992, this is the first HIM's demo, whose name is inspired by a book about occult.
It contains seven tracks, among which:
Black Candles
(Don't Fear) The Reaper [Blue Öyster Cult cover] (Demo version)
The Heartless (Demo version)
Warlock Moon.
The only existing copy belongs to Ville Valo.

Demo #2

HIM's second demo was recorded in the finnish club Lepakko (bat) in 1995.
No existing copies.

1. Borellus
2. Serpent Ride
3. The Heartless

Demo #3

HIM's third demo was recorded at Tapanila in Finland in 1995.
No existing copies.

1. Stigmata Diaboli
2. Wicked Game (Demo Version)
3. The Phantom Gate

HIM's Demo edited by lovehim.
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