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Title: 666 Ways To Love EP
Release date: October 10th, 1996

1. Stigmata Diaboli
2. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak's cover)
3. Dark Sekret Love
4. The Heartless


HIM' first EP, thanks to which they started making their name known in the music circle. They threw a party to celebrate it at Tavastia Klubi, where they  now play every year Helldone, one of the most famous Finnish music festivals, from December 29th to 31th.
The EP came out just in Finland as a 1.000 copies limited edition and for this reason, nowadays, it's a collection item and very difficult to find. It's been produced by Hiili Hiilesma and published by BMG Finland. The woman on the cover his Ville's mother Anita, at the age of 19 when she was a seller in a shoes shop.




Title: Greatest Love Songs Vol.666
Release date: November 20th, 1997

Finnish Version:

1. For You
2. Wicked game (Chris Isaak's cover)
3. The Heartless
4. Our Diabolikal Rapture
5. It's All Tears (Drown in this Love)
6. When Love and Death Embrace
7. The Beginning of the End
8. (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult's cover)
9. Your Sweet Six Six Six
10. bonus track 66

German Versione:

1. Your Sweet Six Six Six
2. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak's cover)
3. The Heartless
4. Our Diabolikal Rapture
5. It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
6. When Love And Death Embrace
7. The Beginning Of The End
8. (Don' t Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult' cover)
9. For You
10. bonus track 66


It was released in Finland on November 20th, 1997 and in Germany on January 31st, 1998. There are 66 tracks but just nine are real songs. From the ninth, indeed, there are 56 empty tracks which lead you to the 66th, which is an instrumental one.




Title: Razorblade Romance
Release date: Dicember 19th, 1999

1. I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)
2. Poison Girl
3. Join Me In Death
4. Right Here In My Arms
5. Gone With The Sin
6. Razorblade Kiss
7. Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart
8. Heaven Tonight
9. Death Is In Love With Us
10. Resurrection
11. One Last Time
12. Sigillum Diaboli
13. The 9th Circle (OST)


It was produced byJohn Freyer and distributed by BMG. It was released in 1998 in Europe and in 2000 in the USA (the first time for an HIM CD). At that time, in the USA, there already was a band called HIM so they had to change the name from HIM to HER (Her Evil Royalty); for this reason they printed 1.000 copies of RR with the name HER on the cover. Then, the label bought the copyright of the name, so that they started to produce the album with the name HIM, making the HER one a collection item.





Title: Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights
Release date: March 26th, 2002

1. Salt In Our Wounds
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Lose You Tonight
4. In Joy And Sorrow
5. Pretending
6. Close To The Flame
7. Please Don't Let It Go
8. Beautiful
9. Don't Close Your Heart
10. Love You Like I Do
11. In Love And Lonely
12. You Are The One
13. Again (Bonus Track)


On November 26th, they released a Finnish Christmas edition containing, besides the tracklist of the normal edition, the video of Pretending and In Joy And Sorrow and two more versions of this songs. It also contains the song Again.




Title: Love Metal
Release date: April 22nd, 2003

1. Buried Alive By Love
2. The Funeral Of Hearts
3. Beyond Redemption
4. Sweet Pandemonium
5. Soul On Fire
6. The Sacrament
7. This Fortress Of Tears
8. Circle Of Fear
9. Endless Dark
10. The Path
11. Love's Requiem (Love Metal Digipak Bonus Song)


Love Metal is the only HIM'S CDs published till 2003 that doesn't have Ville on its cover. The digipack version contains also the song Love's Requiem.





Title: And Love Said No
Release date: May15th, 2004

1. And Love Said No
2. Buried Alive By Love
3. Close to the Flame
4. Gone With the Sin
5. Heartache Every Moment
6. In Joy and Sorrow
7. It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)
8. Join Me in Death
9. Poison Girl
10. Pretending
11. Right Here in My Arms
12. Solitary Man
13. The Funeral Of Hearts
14. The Sacrament
15. When Love and Death Embrace
16. Wicked Game
17. Your Sweet Six Six Six


Two versions of this Greatest Hits exist: a normal one and a special edition with the DVD 'Live at Semifinal" April 24-30th, Helsinki, Finland. Moreover, they made also a special edition for the UK, which consists in a hand- numbered (1-600) vinyl edition.




Title: Love Metal Archives Vol. I
Release date: November 14th, 2006


Wicked Game (German Version 1998)
When Love and Death Embrace
Join me in Death (U.K. version 200)
Right Here in my Arms
Gone with the Sin (German Version)
Poison Gril
In Joy and Sorrow
Heartache Every Moment
Close to the Flame
Funeral of Hearts
Buried Alive by Love
The Sacrament
Solitary Man
And Love said No

Live Clips:

Wicked Game
Your Sweet 666
When Love and Death Embrace
Right Here in my Arms
Bury me deep inside your Heart
Razorblade Kiss
Join me in Death
In Joy and Sorrow
Heartache Every Moment
Lose You Tonight
Close to the Flame
Soul on Fire
Beyond Redemption
This Fortress of Tears
Buries alive by Love
Funeral of Hearts
Your Sweet 666
It's All Tears
Poison Girl
Solitary Man
Sweet Pandemonium
And Love said No
Gone with the Sin


Wickes Game (1996 Helsinki,Dir Annto Melasniemi)
Join me in Death (Acoustic Performance in Koln,1999)
BMG - EPK 2000 (Ville Valo and Mige Amour - Interview)
Heartache Every Moment - Video by Bam Margera (Movie Haggard - cut)
The Sacrament (Maxindrome Moscow 2003)
Sweet Pandemonium (Live in Lycabettus,Athens 2003)
BMG - EPK 2003 (Ville Valo interviewed)
Rebell Yell (Provinssirock (Festival) 1999 )


In the two CDs special edition there's extra footage:


HIM vs. BAM:
1. "Buried Alive By Love" (Bam Margera's making of)
2. "Buried Alive By Love" (Promo)
3. "The Sacrament" (Bam Margera's making of)
4. "The Sacrament" (Promo)
5. "And Love Said No" (Bam Margera's making of)
6. "And Love Said No" (Promo)


Bonus Material:
1. "Solitary Man" (Promo)
2. HIM EPK (Interview)
3. HIM TV Spot - Love Metal
4. Making of "Buried Alive By Love" (Trailer)
5. "The Sacrament" (Trailer)
6. "Solitary Man" (Trailer)




Title: Uneasy Listening Vol. 1
Out: April 20th, 2007

1. The Sacrament (Disrhythm Remix)
2. The Funeral of Hearts (Acoustic Version)
3. Join Me in Death (Strongroom Mix)
4. Close to the Flame (The Rappula Tapes)
5. In Joy and Sorrow (String Version)
6. It's All Tears (Unplugged Radio Live)
7. When Love and Death Embrace (AOR Radio Mix)
8. Buried Alive By Love (Deliverance Version)
9. Gone With the Sin (O.D. Version)
10. Salt in Our Wounds (Thulsa Doom Version)
11. Please Don't Let it Go (Acoustic Version)
12. One Last Time (Rockfield Madness Version)
13. For You (Unplugged Radio Live)
14. The Path (P.S. Version)
15. Lose You Tonight (Thulsa Doom Extended Dub)
16. Pretending (Acoustic Version)



This is a collection of rare and remixed hits from their previous albums. They made three different versions of the cover. One of the image used represents one of Alfons Mucha's manifesto, an artist from Czech Republic and one of the most important leading figure of the art nouveau.







Title: Uneasy Listening Vol. 2
Release date: April 20th, 2007

1. Buried Alive By Love (616 Version)
2. Rendezvous With Anus (El Presidente Version) (Turbonegro cover)
3. Sigillum Diaboli (Studio Live Evil)
4. I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy) (White House Version)
5. The Beginning of the End (Sad Damn Version)
6. Again (Hollovlad Tapes)
7. Wicked Game (Live in Turku) (Chris Isaak cover)
8. Soul On Fire (Erich Zann's Supernatural Remix)
9. Beautiful (Hollovlad Tapes)
10. Endless Dark (616 Version)
11. Hand of Doom (Live in Turku) (Black Sabbath cover)
12. Right Here in My Arms (Live in Turku)
13. Sailin' On (Live in Turku) (Bad Brains cover)
14. Pretending (Cosmic Pope Jam Version)


It's the second volume of the Uneasy Listening and was published in 2007 when HIM already signed with Warner music (even for the Vol.1). The CD contains many special editions and lives in Turku 2002.





Title: Dark Light
Release date: September 27th, 2005

1. Vampire Heart
2. Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly
3. Behind The Crimson Door
4. Killing Loneliness
5. Dark Light
6. Drunk On Shadows
7. Under The Rose
8. Play Dead
9. Face Of God
10. In The Night Side Of Eden
11. Venus (In Our Blood) - (bonus track)
12. The Cage - (bonus track)


Dark Light marked the definitive HIM's passage to the US market. The production was given to Tim Palmer and it was recorded at Silver Lake, LA alternative rock scene. The label change (HIM was with BMG Finland) is very remarkable not only in their sound - less dark than in the past, a little more commercial maybe - but in the structure of the CD itself, which is more refined. Two more editions have been made: the digipack one (a book containing the CD) and a tiny alluminium box one, containing a certificate of authenticity and an heartagram light.





Title: Venus Doom
Release date: September 18th, 2007

1. Venus Doom
2. Love In Cold Blood
3. Passion's Killing Floor
4. The Kiss Of Dawn
5. Sleepwalking Past Hope
6. Dead Lovers' Lane
7. Song Or Suicide
8. Bleed Well
9. Cyanide Sun



Awaited sequel of Dark Light, Venus Doom is HIM's sixth studio album whose release date was postponed from July to September 2007. The lyrics find again those dark sounds that are less visible in Drk Light: darker and heavier even if there's still present the peculiarity of all HIM's songs, the union between love and death. The first single The Kiss of Dawn was written in memory of one of VilleValo's friends who killed himself. Song or Suicide lasts about a minute and was recorde by Ville himself in an hotel room; at the end of the song indeed, in the background, you can listen to some noises, as of a chair and a car. Passion's Killing Floor was included in the soundtrack of the film Transformers. They made three versions of Venus Doom: standardl edition, two CDs special edition (white cover with the VD symbol designe by Ville) and another leather special edition.





Title: Titolo:Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S.
Release date: April 29th, 2008


1. "Passion's Killing Floor"
2. "Wings of a Butterfly"
3. "Buried Alive By Love"
4. "Wicked Game"
5. "The Kiss of Dawn"
6. "Vampire Heart"
7. "Poison Girl"
8. "Dead Lovers' Lane"
9. "Join Me"
10. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
11. "Sleepwalking Past Hope" (Abridged Cut)
12. "Killing Loneliness"
13. "Soul On Fire"
14. "Your Sweet 666"
15. "Bleed Well"
16. "The Funeral of Hearts"


1. "Intro (Blood Theme)"
2. "Passion's Killing Floor"
3. "Wings of a Butterfly"
4. "Buried Alive By Love"
5. "Wicked Game"
6. "The Kiss of Dawn"
7. "Vampire Heart"
8. "Poison Girl"
9. "Dead Lovers' Lane"
10. "Join Me in Death"
11. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
12. "Sleepwalking Past Hope" (Extended time on the DVD)
13. "Killing Loneliness"
14. "Soul On Fire"
15. "Your Sweet 666"
16. "Bleed Well"
17. "Right Here In My Arms"
18. "The Funeral of Hearts"
19. "V.D.O. (Venus Doom Outro)"



1. Interview With Ville Valo
2. HIM's Biggest Fan Contest Entry Videos
3. Fan Club Photo Gallery


Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S is HIM's first official live DVD. It was recorded between November 14-15th, 2007 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles by Meiert Avis. Other than the CD and DVD, the Digitale contains some bonus (Ville Valo's interview; the winners of HIM's Biggest Fan contest and a Fan Photo Gallery). Moreover, they made a special edition with a flipbook.




Title: Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice
Release date: February 2010

1. "In Venere Veritas"
2. "Scared to Death"
3. "Heartkiller"
4. "Dying Song"
5. "Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)"
6. "Love, the Hardest Way"
7. "Katherine Wheel"
8. "In the Arms of Rain"
9. "Ode to Solitude"
10. "Shatter Me With Hope"
11. "Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo)"
12. "Like St. Valentine"
13. "The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness"


Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice, HIM's seventh studio album, was released on February 2010. It was recorded in Los Angeles, produced by Matt Squire and mixed by Neal Avron. A sensual CD, which represents a new era in HIM's discography, thanks to his 80's influences. They made three versions: a standard edition; two CDs special edition containing the acoustic album Baudelaire in Braille, recorded by Ville in his home studio; an Heartagram edition, containing the double CD and a print, the Saint Scream, which is an hand numbered limited edition.





Discography edited byi Olly Olly Oxen Free.

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