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Sonisphere Finland 2010: gig review


Review © Ros @ His Infernal Magazine.

Photo © CatherineHeathcliff @ His Infernal Magazine

English translation by Drownsindawn


It was since January, when I had seen the posters displayed in Helsinki, that I' d been waiting for attending to a musical event so rich and interesting . Besides my favourite band , HIM , I could see other prestigious bands and this fact made this event so special in my eyes.
Unfortunately, things didn't go the way I wanted . Bad weather prevented me and my friends from attending to the festival on the second day, but the first has been spared and really unforgettable.


We were lucky enough to get the front under the first stage , Mige's position, and from there we watched the great performances of Serj Tankian and his band , later of Kult and Alice in Chains. The audience cheers and sometimes moves to the second stage, where are performing bands equally prestigious, like Negative, 69 Eyes, Apocaliptyca, Volbeat, but we don't leave our privileged position., waiting for HIM who are the headliners for this first night. We get excited when Sean and Pasi show up to set up the stage and check instruments and microphones. Finally Shangri La are singing their sweet melody and people start screaming, cheering Migè, Gas, Linde , Burton and Ville's entry.The stage is really far and high above the audience, so it's not easy to take good pictures and videos, but our Cat is an excellent collaborator, nonetheless she is able to make a great job.
The boys are smiling and in a good mood . The show starts with a wild Like St Valentine, followed by RHIMA and Wings Of A Butterfly . Just before they started playing, we have heard the news of Ville not being well and we were a bit worried . But now , seeing him cheerful and willing to interact with the audience, we feel comforted. Only his voice , sometimes a little husky and nasal, makes clear to us that Ville is not at his best, but the show is not affected at all. And it goes on with Scared To Death, The Kiss Of Dawn, Join Me. If Ville is trying his hardest , the boys are no less in their instrumental parts. Great guitar solos by Linde, Migè is a big showman, always able to take the stage, with his excellent performance and chatting with Ville. The dialogues are strictly in Finnish , but the sketches are nonetheless amusing .
Here come Heartkiller and the beautiful Disarm Me, then they move on to hits like Buried Alive By Love, Poison Girl, Killing Loneliness, Bleed Well, Wicked Game.
The Funeral Of Hearts becomes a beautiful show of lights and colours , when the new heartagram in the background is enlightened , sending multicolored beams on the the stage, blue, green and red . Really a great show, against the sky backdrop, changing from grey- azure to the not too dark blue of the Finnish night.
Rebel Yell is followed by the last song When Love And Death Embrace, in a poignant and masterly performance, that sounds to me as one of the most beautiful and fascinating of this wonderful song. The concert ends here, it's always too soon for me when the boys leave the stage , a hour and half flies away in a sea of emotions, laughters, joy to be still with them and my friends . Now there's the hope to see them again soon , to feel again that rush of adrenaline that we fans know so well.

Set list:

Like St.Valentine
Wings of a butterfly
Scared to death
The Kiss of dawn
Join me
Disarm me
Buried alive by love
Poison girl
Killing loneliness
Bleed Well
Wicked game
The Funeral of hearts
Rebel Yell
When Love and Death Embrace

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