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The Heartagram Path interviews Natali Karppinen



Since the 5th of November, Natali Karppinen, Gas Lipstick's wife, has an exhibition of her pictures at the 4-Kuus Gallery in Helsinki.
The Heartagram Path was there and we had also the pleasure to ask Natali some questions via email.
Some of Natali’s models are Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala, Mikko Sirèn and Seppo Vesterinen.
Her pictures are very bright, colourful and inspiring, and some of them remind of Preraphaelite paintings.

If you’re in Helsinki, you can see Natali’s pictures (and buy them) until the 2th of Dicember at the 4-Kuus Gallery, Uudemankatu 4-6.
If you’re too far away, you can also see the pictures on Natali’s page on Facebook or on her online PORTFOLIO.

To read the interview, click on "leggi tutto".



THP: How and when did your passion for photography begin?

Natali: It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do/ be in my life. I had to do some soul searching and get the idea of what would be the best way to express myself and at the same time feel fulfilled and happy! It turned out to be the photography.
It happened "unplanned"... First time I bought real professional camera was less than a year ago, but I've been taking photos for past 2 years, out of which 11 months have been professional, not hobby ones :)

THP: Helsinki is definitely a city that gives lots of ideas to someone who wants to take beautiful pictures, from the parks, to the monuments, to the industrial areas. Do you have favourite places for your photo sets?

Natali: I'm still discovering Helsinki. There are many beautiful streets, interesting monuments, old buildings, amazing forests and parks, breath taking sea views, etc.
Thanks to photography I have discovered lots of secret places, but there's still so much to discover and I can't wait to start taking new photos and find out about all those hidden places :)

So far, my favorite settings have been the forest ones... There's just some magic in one forest near by where I live and it's a huge source of inspiration.

THP: Photography is a sort of a time machine, your shots are special, do you want to tell a story or just still moments in time?

I definitely want to tell a story! Anybody can buy a professional camera and start taking  photos, but if you don't have this passion for photography, if you don't have the "madness" that's driving you crazy if you're not producing, if you don't have a vision of which message/ story you want to tell to the world, then you'll be just another photographer that won't ever leave a mark. Through my photos I'm secretly stripping my soul and showing the most intimate
feelings/ emotions to the world hoping that somebody will stop for a moment and get lost in them!

Helsinki is a very modern city, while some of your shots look very retro. Do you like to revisit the past?

Natali: I definitely don't like to live in the past, but I do get inspired by past. I'm very retro girl and still think that the best music, poetry, art and movies were done in past... Even before I was born! Ha!

THP: Photography, like music, is an artistic expression , which is your relationship with music?

Wow, that's a really long story and very important "relationship" in my life. Music is one of the main things in my life and I can't live without it!
It all started when I was little and intro theme from David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks has been haunting me for over a decade until I finally got to hear that intro again and figure out that it was main theme in Twin Peaks.
Also, another music that was haunting me for a really loooong time was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, which I first heard while watching movie "The Excalibur".
Later on I've discovered classical music, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, The Sisters Of Mercy, Tristania, Enigma, In Flames, Hans Zimmer, John Newton Howard, John Williams, Metallica, Enya, Ludovico Einaudi, Guns n' Roses, Type O Negative, Tori Amos, etc., etc.
The list is huge and influences are obviously very versatile! :)


Thanks again to Natali! We wish her a bright future in her job, she really deserves it!

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