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Ville talks about the leaving of Gas

Original article on Helsingin Sanomat, HERE 

English translation by Heidi Malin. If you share it, please credit her and The Heartagram Path.

Ville Valo Opens Up About The Leaving Of HIM's Drummer: "It's A Bit Like One Limb Has Been Ripped Off"

An unexpected piece of news emerged from the line-up of HIM when the drummer of the band, Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen, announced that he's leaving the band. It's the first time in 16 years when the line-up of the band is breaking.



"This is a really personal thing as we've known each other since school times and played together for 16 years" the frontman of the band, Ville Valo, comments on the atmosphere inside the band. "It's like one limb has been ripped off and now we should learn to walk or shake hands again."

In the letter he wrote, Karppinen told that he's leaving the band out of his own free will because "his heart was no longer in it". From now on he wants to have time for new projects and songwriting.

Valo manages to sound sincere when he convinces that quitting was Karppinen's own decision. The band heard about it about a week ago and the information came as a surprise to everyone.

"Our jaws dropped when we heard of it. It came out of the blue", he tells. "I must say that it's a brave thing to do to start trying something new. It wasn't a decision made by a person who's stuck."

"A bit surprisingly, the information wasn't followed by a feeling of being pissed-off. We can only respect his decision, no matter if it was fueled by a midlife crisis or anything."

Karppinen's quitting doesn't have any immediate effects on HIM's plans regarding this year as the band was going to take a break anyway. The last concert of the 1,5-years-lasting tour was thrown at Tavastia in Helsinki on New Year's Eve and they haven't made any agreements of upcoming gigs.

"We were planning to take a little break and to go to the rehearsal place to chill out. Now we have to re-think about what we're gonna do next", Valo ponders. "The initial shock will probably last for some time but I believe that the band will be back on 2016 if the stars are in their right positions."

In an announcement that they published on Tuesday, HIM joked that they'd replace Karppinen with a drum machine, which Valo dismisses as a "joke worth of five pennies." In reality HIM are going to look for a new drummer but the band won't start a project of running an open applying and auditions.

"In our band everything has always happened via our friends. And there are little of those friends these days as all the bridges have burned", Valo laughs. "To start with, I considered telling the band that I would be playing the drums. My salary would rise."

"And it must be remembered that Kaasu isn't the first drummer of the band. We have had four drummers already so we're starting to resemble Spinal Tap that way too", Valo refers to the rock band familiar from the parody movie the problem of which were exploding drummers.

In the end, Valo gets serious and admits that finding a new drummer will not be easy. According to him the band that shares a long history together has become so family-like that no one can jump into the old boots right away.

"It's better to consider this in peace."

"In any case, this will mean something new to the band. A new drummer brings a new breeze with him inevitably", he says and exposes the positive side of the quitting.

"In a skillful way, an unskilled drummer suits this group - a bit like Bill Ward plays in Black Sabbath. A drummer has to have an identity that is revealed the second he starts playing.

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