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Ville Valo Didn't Scare Jukka Kröger

Ville Valo's reputation as the leader of the band isn't the easiest one but Jukka Kröger says that he wasn't worried at any point. On the contrary, when they had had their first conversations, everything seemed very good. 

- Ville's image has changed quite a lot after - how to say it beautifully - he's stopped using controlled substances. His stage image is much more positive now and he even smiles there.

HIM pays Kröger a monthly salary. However, nobody demanded for a certain kind of HIM image or stage show. They didn't interfere even in his clothing style, Kroger convinces.

According to Kröger, there's a good boogie and relaxed atmosphere on HIM's tours. There's very little of binge. Kröger says that he's often sleeping in the hotel room already within an hour since the gig has ended.

In the beginning it was a bit weird.

- When I was playing in Ylppö, I was used to staying in the bar to hang out after the gig. But when I had thrown 9 gigs in a row, I understood that I wouldn't necessarily have the energy for it, especially if we have to go to a next city in the morning. The crew has its own ways.

In HIM, Kröger is looking forward to getting to make new songs and leaving his own mark on the drums. They've been talking about starting to prepare a new album next year.

- It would be cool to make a good album or good albums with HIM. I don't think the drums are going to change dramatically but they'll have a certain flavor of their own, Kröger ponders.

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