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Ilta Sanomat and the new video

An article about the new video of Ville Valo "Olet Mun Kaikuluotain" has been published today on Ilta Sanomat, along with the new video .
HERE the article in Finnish. Our translation:
The lead singer of HIM sings the legendary "Olet mun Kaikuluotain". It s'the first song published by the finnish label Love Records in thirty years.
On Monday, Ville Valo released the song "Olet Mun Kaikuluotain", followed by a video released today.
"It was my favorite song when I was younger" said Valo "It was the soundtrack of sleepless nights when you cry yourself to sleep. Even now it gives me goose bumps."
The video, directed by Ykä Järvinen, is a tribute to Calamari Union by Aki Kaurismaki, and was shot in the streets of Helsinki, in the districts of Kallio and Eira.
The song was released for the 50th anniversary of Love Records and has been interpreted for the first time by Freeman in 1976. It's the Finnish version of Annie's Song by John Denver.

You can watch the video HERE

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