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Greeting to all the HIM Italian fans

During their latest trip to Helsinki, Pam, Ale e Frà went and visit Daddy Valo's sexy shop Aikuisten Lelukauppa. Kind as always, Kari gave them the chance of a little interview, answering thanks to one of his friends he just called as an interpreter :)


THP:  Since when do you sell HIM merchandise?

Kari Valo: It's been two years now.

THP: Where did you get the idea to sell this stuff?
Kari Valo: (laughs) My son himself and his friends suggested so.

THP: Every year, how many fans come and visit your shop?
Kari Valo: I've never counted them, but during holiday a lot. From New Zeland, Australia, Japan, Brasil and many from Italy (everyone laughs).

THP: What kind of fan comes here? Are they all nice people or sometimes even something unpleasant happened?
Kari Valo: No, they all are really kind, any problems. Sometimes entire families come here, parents and relatives.

Italy is the best!


Below, there's a little video where Kari greets all the Italian fans :) Kari doesn't speak properly English, so the video is in Finnish with Italian subtitles :)

Have a good vision!



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