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CLOSED Flash Contest - Helldone Ticket

Parent Category: Contest
Created on Thursday, 29 October 2009 18:16
Last Updated on Friday, 31 May 2013 12:03
Published on Thursday, 29 October 2009 18:16
Written by Olly Olly Oxen Free
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Flash Contest - Helldone Ticket

The name of this contest is not that original, but it suits perfectly its idea. A short contest, not more than ten days, even if the award is what it is. It' Helldone time as you all know. October the 20th, Italian 8:00 a.m., the annual Helldone tiketti mail - order has started. It' not necessary to say that, six minutes after opening, the tickets for Decmber the 31st went sold out. People who have been able to get a ticket are gonna protect it as Gollum did with its treasssssure. But...by chance, someone from our Staff has got an extra ticket for one of the four shows, exactly December the 28th. So, we've decided to set this contest up in order to give you the chance to win for free a ticket for this Paradise that the Helldone Fest is.

N.B. This contest is real, not a fake. The ticket as well is real and you'll receive it by mail as we've received it from Tiketti.

[b]Contest Rules

What can you win?
The award is a ticket for the Helldone show os December the 28th.
N.B. The award is just the ticket. Of course, the journey including fly and hotel - if necessary - is up to you.

How can you join the contest?
It' s really easy, because we just ask you to help promote our site.

• You have to try to add one of our banners to a maximun of ten site/ blog/ myspace.
• Add in your web spaces at least five pics taken from our Gallery, with a link back to our site, from these albums:
- I nostri concerti/ Our Shows
- Finlandia/ Finland
• Write some lines about why you want to go to Helldone: what this day represents for you, what HIM represent for you. Nothing too demanding, just a few lines to let us know how you feel about these special days smile.gif

Then, you can send us your materials to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
filling this form out:

Web space you've taken the news from: (link)
Link to:
- web spaces with our banners
- pics from our Gallery
Why you want to go to Helldone:

Who's able to join the contest?
This contest is open for all of our friends from our site and board, and our friends from all of our web space. No limit of nationality, whoever wants to, can take part:

The Heartagram Path
The Heartagram Path - Doom Board
The Heartagram Path on Facebook
The Heartagram Path on MySpace
The Heartagram Path on twitter
The Heartagram Path on youtube
The Heartagram Path on flickr
The Heartagram Path on Buzznet
The Heartagram Path on stickam
The Heartagram Path on anobii

The contest will last from October the 29th to November the 8th. You can send your material by the end of Sunday, November the 8th (24:00 p.m.).

The award will go to who:
- will be able to make our banner add into the large number of web spaces
- will add the large number of pics from our albums
- will write the most convincing work about Helldone (N.B. Don't be too long! Just a few lines to know how you feel about Helldone)

• It's important that you know that adult age is required to enter the Tavastia Club, so you have to be 18 years old! No exceptions, for nobody, as you'll be asked to show your ID before entering the club. You're not allowed to enter even if you're with an adult! So if you're under age, unless you've got someone to give the ticket to, don't take part!, and let someone else get the chance to win and use it!

• For adding one of our banner, it' s necessary that you use one of these banners: