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Tour 2010




New album, new tour and, as known since a few weeks, the Screamworks: love in theory and practice tour will officially start in Berlin on the occasion of the special Myspace Super Secret Gig, arranged to celebrate Screamwork's coming out in one of the countries that supported HIM the most at the beginning of their career.


Also visit  livenation.com for infos about tour and tickets.


Helldone Festival 2009/2010, Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki [Finland]


12/28/2009 - Helldone Festival - Tavastia stage - night 1, Helsinki [Gig Dossier]

12/29/2009 - Helldone Festival - Tavastia stage - night 2, Helsinki [Gig Dossier]

12/30/2009 - Helldone Festival - Tavastia stage - night 3, Helsinki [Gig Dossier]

12/31/2009 - Helldone Festival - Tavastia stage - night 4, Helsinki [Gig Dossier]



Special Gigs

02/12/2010 - MySpace Secret Gig, Berlin [Gig Dossier]

02/14/2010 - The Relentless Garage, London [Gig Dossier]



Australian Tour 2010

02/20/2010 - Soundwave Festival, Brisbane [Gig Dossier]

21/02/21/2010 - Soundwave Festival, Sydney [Gig Dossier]

02/22/2010 - Metro, Sydney [Gig Dossier]

02/25/2010 - HI - FI, Melbourne [Gig Dossier]

02/26/2010 - Soundwave Festival, Melbourne [Gig Dossier]

02/27/2010 - Soundwave Festival, Adelaide [Gig Dossier]

03/01/2010 - Soundwave Festival, Perth [Gig Dossier]


German Tour 2010

03/08/2010 - Docks, Hamburg [Gig Dossier]

03/10/2010 - FZW, Dortmund [Gig Dossier]


Holland Tour 2010

03/09/2010 - Paradiso, Amsterdam [Gig Dossier]


Luxembourg Tour 2010

03/11/2010 - Rockhal, Esch-Sur-Alzette [Gig Dossier]



UK Tour 2010

03/13/2010 - UEA, Norwich [Gig Dossier]

03/14/2010 - Manchester Academy, Manchester [Gig Dossier]

03/15/2010 - HMV Picture House, Edinburgh [Gig Dossier]

03/16/2010 - O2 Academy, Newcastle [Gig Dossier]

03/18/2010 - O2 Academy, Bournemouth [Gig Dossier]

03/19/2010 - O2 Academy, Birmingham [Gig Dossier]

03/20/2010 - Rock City, Nottingham [Gig Dossier]



USA - Canada Tour 2010

03/26/2010 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

03/27/2010 - Sonar, Baltimore, MD [USA] [Gig Dossier]

03/28/2010 - House of Blues, Boston, MA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

03/30/2010 - Metropolis, Montreal, QC [Canada] [Gig Dossier]

03/31/2010 - Sound Academy, Toronto, ON [Canada] [Gig Dossier]

04/01/2010 - House of Blues, Cleveland, OH [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/02/2010 - Clutch Cargo, Pontiac, MI [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/03/2010 - Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/05/2010 - Club Zoo, Pittsburgh, PA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/06/2010 - Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/07/2010 - The Pageant, St. Louis, MO [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/09/2010 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/10/2010 - The Rave, Milwaukee, WI [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/13/2010 - MacEwan Hall, Calgary, AB [Canada] [Gig Dossier]

04/14/2010 - Edmonton Events Center, Edmonton, AB [Canada] [Gig Dossier]

04/16/2010 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC [Canada] [Gig Dossier]

04/17/2010 - The Showbox, Seattle, WA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/18/2010 - Roseland Theater, Portland, OR [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/20/2010 - The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/21/2010 - House of Blues, Anaheim, CA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/22/2010 - House of Blues, San Diego, CA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/23/2010 - The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/24/2010 - House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/26/2010 - Great Salt Air, Magna, UT [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/27/2010 - Gothic Theater, Englewood, CO [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/29/2010 - House of Blues, Dallas, TX [USA] [Gig Dossier]

04/30/2010 - House of Blues, Houston, TX [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/02/2010 - House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/03/2010 - Center Stage, Atlanta, GA [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/04/2010 - House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/06/2010 - House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/07/2010 - Irving Plaza, New York, NY [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/08/2010 - The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, New York, NY [USA] [Gig Dossier]

05/09/2010 - The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, New York, NY [USA] [Gig Dossier]

Special acts: Dommin, We Are The Fallen and Drive A.



Summer Festivals in Europe

06/04/2010 - Rock Im Park Festival, Nürnberg [Germany] [Gig Dossier]

06/06/2010 - Rock am Ring Festival, Nürburgring [Germany] [Gig Dossier]

06/12/2010 - Download Festival, Donington Park [UK] [Gig Dossier]

06/13/2010 - Greenfield Festival, Interlaken [Switzerland] [Gig Dossier]

06/20/2010 - Pier Pressure Festival, Göteborg [Sweden] [Gig Dossier]

06/26/2010 - Donau Insel Festival, Vienna [Austria] [Gig Dossier]

07/15/2010 - Ollesummer Festival, Tallinna Lauluvaljak [Estonia] [Gig Dossier]

07/31/2010 - Energy in the Park Festival, Munich [Germany] [Gig Dossier]

08/07/2010 - Sonisphere Festival, Pori [Finland] [Gig Dossier]

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