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Photos and a little "interview" to know the Heartagram Path Staff

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Here you can find:

- The Heartagram Path: our story - The birth of our Heartagram Path

- Follow us:- Find us on the most popular social networks

- Contact UsHave you got some questions? Here you can find our contacts


Here you can find:

- Friendship: Rules - Affiliation rules in English

- The Heartagram Path FRIENDS - our affiliiates




The Heartagram Path


Interviews - The exclusive interviews by The Heartagram Path

Here you can find:

- Sailor Andy: "I tattoo rock stars now" - Our Olly interviews Sailor Andy, tattoer in Helsinki

- Greetings to all italian fans!- Kari Valo - Ville's father- in a little interview by Vlad

- Valvas: two faces of the same coin - Interview by Olly Olly Oxen Free

- Avelina De Moray: the goth heart of photography - Olly Olly Oxen Free interviews the Australian photographer and musician Adelina De Moray

- David Harouni: "I paint to inspire" - InVenereVeritas interviews David Harouni, painter of the cover art of Venus Doom

- Mantis Le Sin - Bittersweet_Spell interviews Mantis LeSin, frontman of InSex and of the cover band Love’s Requiem.

- Greg Watermann and Digital Versatile Doom - lovehim interviews the photographer of the Digital Versatiel Doom

- Hiili Hiilesmaa: Ville knew clearly what he wanted - lovehim interviews Hiili Hiilesmaa

- Dommin: the sound of the broken-hearted - Olly Olly Oxen Free interviews Kristofer Dommin, frontman of the American band Dommin


HIM Live Gallery - All the live pictures taken by us

Finland Gallery - Pictures of our holidays in Finland

• Initiatives - All the initiatives of our site

Here you can find:

- Roxy Bar - cover bands and so on...

- The Heartagram Path Toolbar - THP always on your browser






Biography - Band biography, by Olly Olly Oxen Free

Members - Biography of HIM members

Discography - Complete guide to the official discography by Olly Olly Oxen Free

Videography - Complete guide to the official videography

Simbologia - Complete guide to HIM Simbology by lovehim.

Side projects - Complete guide to HIM collaborations and side projects by Olly Olly Oxen Free

HIM's crew - WHo does collaborate with HIM? A complete guide to their crew. By Olly Olly Oxen Free

Interviews - A rich archive where you can find lots of HIM interviews.

Reviewsi - Section where you can find all our interviews.

Here you can find:

- Greatest Love Song Vol. 666 - by lovehim.

- Razorblade Romance - by Heretic Seal.

- Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S. - by Bittersweet_spell and Poisoned_tear.

Gallery - The faces of God: plenty of  HIM's images.

Tattoo's gallery - Complete guide to HIM's tattoos. By Olly Olly Oxen Free





Tour 2010 - updated list of the upcoming 2010 HIM tour.

Archive Tour

Here you can find:

- 1997

- 1998

- 1999

- 2000

- 2001

- 2002

- 2003

- 2004

- 2005

- 2007


Reviews - Reviews of the gigd we've been to written by us

- Gurten festival 2008: A show impossible to forget…

- Gurten festival 2008: Forever in my heart

- Firenze 2008: My HIM adventure

- Firenze 2008: My experience

- Firenze 2008: Story of a wonderful HIM day

- Milano 2008: buried alive by HIM

- Milano 2008: HIM chronicle of a fan

- Milano 2008: the first time cannot be forgotten

- Helldone 2008: Dicember 29th, 30th, 31st

- Helldone 2008: 3...2...1... HIM!

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