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Nick: Sweetie  - Founder, Admin
Name: Alessia

Favourite Albums: Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, Venus Doom
Favourite songs: The Sacrament, Sleepwalking Past Hope, Drawn and quartered
Favourite quote: "Hold these hearts for one another, it's worth all wounds, it must be" - Drawn and quartered
HIM music is:  A painfully romantic way to escape reality.


Nick: Anesthesia - Admin

Name: Michela

Favourite Albums:  Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, Venus Doom
Favourite Songs: Resurrection, Rip Out the wings of a butterfly, Hearts at War
Favourite Quote: " We been slaves to this love from the moment we touched"  Resurrection - HIM
HIM music is:  entering to another world




Nick: aurin616 - Translator, Technical support
Nome: Alessandra 
Favourite albums: 1- Razorblade Romance, 2- Love Metal, 3-Venus doom
Favourite songs: 1- Beyond redemption; 2- Sleepwalking past hope; 3- Resurrection
Favourite quote: no one's gonna catch you when you fall.
HIM music is: fresh air (maybe a bit intoxicating, sometimes XD)


Nick: Velvetdaisy- Translator
Nome: Margherita Realmonte 
Favourite albums: Greatest Love Song Vol. 666, Razorblade Romance, Love Metal
Favourite songs: In Joy And Sorrow, The Path, Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
Favourite quotes: I'd like to link two quotes from different songs, something like:  “My home is in your arms, My heaven is wherever you are” (it will be a tattoo, someday)
HIM music is: pure adrenaline

Nick: Glendora - graphic designer

Nome: Alessia

Favourite albums: Love metal, Venus doom e Razorblade romance 

Favourite songs: Resurrection, When Love and Death embrace, In joy and sorrow 

Favourite quote: Love's our shadow on the wall 

HIM music is: a ray of light in the dark corners


Nick: Lady_Crow - Translator, editor of "From Hell"
Nome: Delia

Favourite albums: Gratest Lovesongs Vol. 666, Dark Light, Venus Doom
Favourite songs: Killing Loneliness, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, Sleepwalking Past Hope
Favourite quote: "With the venomous kiss you gave me I'm killing loneliness".
Killing Loneliness

HIM music is: infernal, maximizing, desperate.


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