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It stands for His Infernal Majesty, a name chosen by Ville, Linde and Migè early in their career.
A rather bizarre name that often has been misunderstood and misinterpreted, due to the connection to Satanism and esoterism.
What it really is, is a  playful choice, in full harmony with the irony and provocative mood, typical of Ville Valo, the charismatic leader of the band.
Another possible meaning given by the band in their interviews is  Helsinki Icehockey Maniacs,  though none of the members seem particularly interested in this sport.
Ville, kidding on HIM during an interview, says:
"In almost every interview someone asks what does HIM stand for. I can't even remember our latest lie about that. When Hanson was hot, we said it means Hanson Is Murder. The name doesn't have a particular history. His Infernal Majesty was a totally different band. I think HIM derives from some death metal joke". Ville Valo




It stands for Her Evil Royalty.
HIM have been forced, for legal reasons, to change their name from HIM to HER to promote their music in the United States in middle 2002, because in America already existed a band called HIM , with a musical style totally different.
The name HER  appears on some versions of the album "Razorblade Romance" and the single "Join Me" USA version.
After a substantial cash payment, the group bought all rights about the name and they returned to be HIM also overseas.



It 's the official symbol of the band, prestigious and famous as the band,itself ,or even more.
It's a combination of a pentacle, which is an inverted pentagram known as the symbol of Satan, death, damnation, and a heart, a representation of love, and happiness. Love and death in a loop, which indicates the union of these two entities, whose coexistence is forced and obliged, pivot of existence itself. It 's a sort of modern Ying and Yang, created by Ville Valo the day of his twentieth birthday.
The heartagram embodies the focal point of the whole philosophy behind HIM, the main theme, the duality between love and death, in eternal opposition, fighting in a battle that is worth living.

Someone can think that the lyrics hide a veiled incitement to commit crazy acts, such as suicide, but if we analyze them all doubts are dispelled.
Love is all-encompassing as much as agonizing, painful and frustrating, a love that dies, but is also a new light of hope, peace, not a phsycal death, but emotional, spiritual, understood as a revival of the suffering and compassion.


The heartagram has been adopted by Bam Margera (skateboarder, star of Viva La Bam), a great friend of Ville Valo, for his own sportswear line, Adio.
The symbol appears in the center of the tattoo running along his right flank.


Ville Valo ha introdotto questa definizione riguardo al genere della band.
Si noti la contrapposizione tra love e metal, testi incentrati sul binomio amore/morte e musica permeata da un sound aggressivo, graffiante e cupo.




The philosophy behind HIM is based on the opposition between good and evil, light and shadow, represented by the heartagram and center of all the lyrics, also has an impact on album titles, as is illustrated below:
- "Greatest Lovesongs Vol 666": Greatest Lovesongs leads to love, while Vol 666 shows the number of the devil and therefore evil.
- "Razorblade Romance": The term razorblade represents the pain, while Romance indicates the sweetness of love.
- "Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights": Deep Shadows discovers a darkness opposed to the brightness of Brilliant Highlights.
- "Love Metal" Love is referred to a positive aspect, while Metal is reffered to the dark and biting agony.
- "Dark Light": Dark is opposed to light.
- "Venus Doom": Venus praising the good, while Venus has a dark tones.


The number of the beast, is the Devil's number, a symbol of evil, pain and eternal suffering.
It's 'in the title of the first album Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666, and it's frequent in the HIM lyrics. For example:
"In 666 ways I love you and I hope you feel the same
In 666 ways I love you and my heaven is wherever you are"

Greatest LoveSongs Vol.66 – For You

"I'm waiting for your call and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart
I'm longing for your touch and I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart"

Greatest LoveSongs Vol.66 – Your Sweet Six Six Six

The use of the number 666 has no connection to religion, as some mistakenly believe, but it is the representation of evil, pain and suffering in love. A love that is the most beautiful emotion we can experience in life, a love that gives  all itself without fear, suffering and comingto death, love until the last moment of our existence.


It's mentioned in the song "Dope Danny" by Daniel Lioneye:
Nothing seemed to be enough,
I had to take a lot more dope
Then it got all too rough
I had become a cosmic pope.
The single of "Pretending" cotains a remix called "Pretending (The Cosmic Pope Jam Version)."
The Cosmic Pope are in the booklet of "Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights" and in early 2002 it appears on the left calf of Ville Valo.





Uja in Egyptian, Liekki in Finnish.
Represents a stick in a piece of wood to light the fire, not a flame as you might think, and how it has been believed for a long time.
It was part of the auspicious that, in ancient Egypt, was intented to the Pharaoh, it accompanied the written V.S.F. (Life Health Force), attached to the symbols of life (cross called ankh) and healthy (Seneb). He represents the strength and vitality of the fire.
Ville Valo has this symbol tattooed on his right calf.





They are well hidden in the standard edition of the album "Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights", the drawings are almost certainly made by Ville Valo, who used to take delight in design.




It 's a line taken from the song "Mask" by Iggy Pop, artist respected and admired by HIM,  and to whom they repeatedly demonstrated openly highest consideration and respect.
At the Comet Awards of 2001, Villas recited that passage of the song, after accepting the award for "Viva2 Viewers Choice", which was delivered to him by Iggy Pop himself.
Below the video for the song by Iggy and the Mask covered by HIM:

Iggy Pop on David Letterman Show 2 august 2001
HIM - Mask (Live Jyrki 2001)




It 'a phrase that we can read on the back of "Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights".





During the "Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights" tour, Ville put on a coat, behind which was reported this sentence, which is the title of an album by Iggy Pop and The Stooges.




On the back cover of "Love Metal" we find this symbol called Caduceus, from the greek kerykeion, rod of heraldry.
It consists of two snakes twisted in the opposite direction around a rod, adorned with wings or with a winged helmet.
This symbol has ancient origins, it is found at the Assyrian-Babylonian, in some papyrus and some monuments of ancient Egypt, built before Osiris, inscribed on stones in Sumeria and India. The oldest archaeological find in reference to the Caduceus is a bowl that belonged to Guda,the king of Lagash, a Mesopotamian city, at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, on which the symbol is clearly engraved.
The Latins called it Caduceus (from caducus, frail like a branch off a tree), and it was the rod of olive that characterized the heralds and their duties.
Successively, it become the symbol of the greek god Hermes, Mercury for the Romans.
Legend tells that Hermes, the messenger of the gods, received this stick by Apollo. When he went in Arcadia, he was forced to throw it between two snakes that were devouring one another, to make peace.
So in ancient Greece, the caduceus became a symbol of the heralds of peace negotiators, and then a generic symbol of peace, although initially its function was to protect against dangers in foreign lands.
It's also considered a symbol of the balance of moral and exemplary conduct: the club has in itself the meaning of power, the two snacks stand for wisdom, the wings are about diligence, and the helmet is the emblem of lofty thoughts.
Many values have been connected to it, from fertility, to medicine, infact today is the sign of the pharmaceutical industry.
In Greek mythology also Asclepius, god of medicine, led the Caduceus, in which however there was only one snake coiled to the stick, while the logo used by the international medical associations preferred that of Mercury with two snakes. The reason that has led to that maybe is the fact that it indicates the struggle between illness and recovery, between Ying and Yang, between life, death and rebirth; rebirth seen as metaphysical or psychological phenomenon, in which the renewal involves the abandonment of "old skin", made up of habits, prejudices and preconceptions.
And this concept brings to mind the philosophy behind HIM of continuous conflict between good and evil.





It's on the cover of "The Sacrament" single.
The uroboros is an ancient symbol, it represents a snake who is biting its tail, constantly regenerating itself. It denotes both spatial and temporal infinity, eternity.
Is associated mainly with alchemy.
It represents the cyclical nature of things, the theory of eternal return, the snake feeds on itself and then dies, but it regenerated cyclically and continuously.
At every end corresponds a beginning, life, death and rebirth, the point at which the head of the snake biting its own tail, denotes the coexistence and coincidence of opposites, the fusion of the beginning and the end.
In this symbol the illusion of earthly duality disappears, beginning and end, good and evil are the same, and the conjunction of opposites promises to overcome the earthly condition.
There are so many interpretations, relocating to the same concept: cyclicality of life, eternity, rebirth and eternal battle between creation and destruction.




We can see this symbol on "Venus Doom", a mixture of letters, one inside the other forming the album title.
Ville Valo tattooed it inside his left arm.



Simbologia HIM a cura di lovehim.
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