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David Harouni: "I paint to inspire"

Thanks to Mr. Harouni for answering despite his commitmens.


Interview edited by  Poisoned_tear - Francesca  for The Heartagram Path

The Heartagram Path: Your paintings are sort of your own diary about your life and experiences which have been very profound. When you look at one of your oldest works, does it make you feel the same emotions that you felt while drawing it?

David Harouni: When I look at my old work I reflect my emotion of the moment onto them just like I want my viewers to react.

The Heartagram Path: Travelling is part of your life. You have lived in many places, but what's the one you love the most? How much is travelling important for an artist?

David Harouni: I love New rleans...traveling is important to some but not for me. I don't look for inspiration through travel.

The Heartagram Path: You've said that, when you paint you achieve a status called Mushin - where your body answers the impulse whithout thinking about what you're doing.  Are you looking for inspiration or is the inspiration that hits you?

David Harouni: I paint to inspire...not looking for inspiration in anything.

The Heartagram Path: Are there some artists which have influenced your way of looking at art? If yes, in which way?

David Harouni: Other artists have made me look at art as creating beauty and endless possibilities.

The Heartagram Path: Looking at your gallery, we can see that your favourite subjects are faces, moslty wearing a crown. Why them?

David Harouni: I don't title my work... the crown has no explanation,  it's just "ART".

The Heartagram Path: Have you aver tried to express your art throught other forms of art? Why did you choose the painting above all?

David Harouni: I also sculpt in bronze and etch but painting has always been the first and foremost .

The Heartagram Path: Most of us knows your Venus because of Venus Doom, HIM's sixth studio album. How did you feel knowing that one of your paintings was the CD cover of a worldwide rock band such as HIM?

David Harouni: It's exciting to know that it can also relate to music.

The Heartagram Path: When did you paint the Venus?

David Harouni: I painted it 4 years ago.

The Heartagram Path: How did Ville Vamo manage to get in contact with you and your works? What do you think about him as a singer?

David Harouni: I think he's a great singer but we never met. He purchased it in my absence at my studio/gallery.

The Heartagram Path: Have you aver listened to the CD? What do you think about HIM music? What kind of music do you like to listen to?

David Harouni: I have listened to the music and love the song for the painting. Perfect.


Sito web: www.harouni.com

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