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Mantis Le Sin

Interview edited by  Bittersweet_Spell - Anna  for The Heartagram Path

Interview traslate by Infernal_Offering - Laura for The Heartagram Path


When did you realize that the music would have been important in your life ?
Music as always been important to me, even since I was a child. I didn’t have a radio so I used to listen to Elthon Jhon cassettes. I’ve always dreamed about singing “Blue Eyes” on stage and I think that sooner or later I’ll do it.

When you were a kid did you have someone to look up to (idols etc) ? Was there a moment when you thought “I want to be like him” ?
When I was a kid? Well I just wanted to be every main character of all the coolest TV series of the 80’ies. Mc Gyver, Michael Knight (Knight Rider) , A-team. As a teen I was very fond of Baywatch.

Do you have a song that represents yourself (as an artist) ?
Hard to say…But I think that my outlook towards the music changed a lot after I bought Metallica’s Black Album. Nothing Else Matter was another turning-point. If I’ve to identify myself in a song I’ll say HIM’s Wicked Game (from the album Razorblade Romance) it’s also the song I’m more attached to.

You are the songwriter, where your inspiration comes from ?
Inspiration comes from life itself, from whatever gives me strong emotions (either good or bad). Usually I write the best lines when something that changes my life happens, like a new love, the loss of a friend… being ditched by a girl. This kind of stuff. Sometimes, instead, listening to the music, watching a movie, reading something interesting , meeting someone else’s eyes on a street …my cat’s purring, it’s enough. Everything that provokes emotions can be turned into a line of a song.

If you weren’t a singer what would you have been ?
A Top models’ gynaecologist. An ethologist, I love animals and I have always wanted to study their behaviors. Differently from mankind animals are always sincere and they don’t’ betray you---except when they do eat you.

Your pseudonym “Mantis le Sin” it’s obviously related to the homonym animal the “Praying Mantis”, the females of this species are “famous” to devour the male after their intercourse. Why did you pick up this particular name ?
To have an answer when women say that I’m a dickhead

Let’s talk about H.I.M. since it’s one of your favorite bands. How did you know them ? Was there a particular song that made you fall in love with H.I.M ?
I got to know HIM through Razorblade Romance. I was in the car with a friend and Wicked Game was playing on the radio. Afterwards I brought that CD at home with me.

Can you write a top 3 of HIM’s songs you like to sing and a top 3 of the songs you like to listen to ?
To sing: Wicked Game, Resurrection and my favorite live song: When Love and Death Embrace.
To listen: Right Here in My Arms, It’s all tears and And Love Said No. I know Join Me is not there, don’t take it too badly!

HIM have a very active fan base , the Heartagram day was created by fans for fans and it’s maybe the event that symbolize the most how much this band touched the fans’ hearts. What are for you HIM and Love Metal ?
HIM is the band that taught me that you can turn music into emotions. Of course they’re not the only ones with this ability but They’re the ones that do that the way I like it.

You had the chance to meet Ville. Can you tell us something about it ?
Well, it was a dream coming true. It has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my whole life. In some way, He’s been like a teacher to me, so meeting him has been the rightful conclusion of the things.

Obviously you can get to know a person only through the interviews he releases , sometimes you have expectation that , in the end, aren’t met at all. So, in your case…What did happen ? How was for you to meet Ville Valo?
We’re a bit drunk but let’s say we were in tune with each other from the first glass of Jagermeiser.

Ville surely knew that you were the singer of their cover band. Did he say something about it ?
Of course! We were invited because they knew the Italian HIM tribute band were I sang. At the time, in fact, it was nearly impossible to avoid meeting each other. We played with The 69 Eyes, Bloodpit, To Die For and other Finnish bands. We talked about various things, some nonsense too…

You are the singer of a HIM’s cover band and certainly You would like to duet with Ville. Which song would You like to sing with him ? Would You like to write a song just for the occasion ?
A duet with Ville it’s my greatest wish! I’d like to sing Resurrection or Join Me

Screamworks will be released soon. In the meantime all the songs were previewed on their official MySpace. Did you listen to them? What ‘s your opinion as a musician and as a fan?
Smart question! The two opinions are opposing. As a fan I prefer the “Greatest Lovesong Vol.666” style, my unconditional love for HIM stops at “Love Metal”. As a musician I’ve to congratulate the band because they managed to evolve and experiment new music styles remaining true to themselves and the elements they’re famous for. They’re great nonetheless.

Now let’s change subject and talk about your band the “InSex”. First of all, you’re great and we wish you all the best! .What’s the creative process behind the lyrics? Do you write them or Do you write them all together ?
It’s a brainstorming made of 5 brains. We work together. I formed this bend with musicians that also are my best friends. Mitsavage was the bass player of the HIM tribute band, Alex T was with us when we toured with “To Die For”, Vigos was a member of SIN even before Richy25 came. So we’re like a family. In addition there’s Gerolamo Sacco, DNR ex-producer. He’s a weirdo but he also is a good friend and a skilled arranger.

There is a lot of difference between “InSex” and “DNR”. “DNR” is more J music oriented while “InSex” are definitely glam rock. Why this change? Does the new style suits you more than the previous one?
It’s nice to see that people can appreciate an ambiguous single as “InSex Me”. A lot of the J-music idols are very slim and they don’t usually weight more than 50kg, here we can find the first reason. I’m 1.90cm tall and I weight 92kg. I’m all the opposite of this kind of androgyny idols. Japanese are stylish, mild, precise, and really well coordinated between themselves. I’m a dickhead (the others too) So yeah the news style suits me.

Talking about glam rock we can’t mention “Negative”. Two of the three admins of our website were there when they played at the Sottotetto Sound Club (Bologna) the last 17th March. You were there too, supporting their act. How was to support a band that is soon going to make its debut on the worldwide scene ?
As I said earlier, we played with a lot of Finnish bands and Negative was missing from the list. Years ago a few gigs with them were cancelled but finally we managed to play together and I’m really happy about it. Even if it wasn’t a sold out gig the audience was fantastic! A wonderful experience except… the two hours we spent at the road block outside the venue.

What can you tell us about that evening? What impression did they make on you? (They were extremely nice to the fans and stayed for pictures and autographs)
Negative have been really nice to us and to the fans. During the sound check we talked about everything, we washed our teeth on the tour bus and we exchanged suggestions about the show that had to come. It was nice to share the stage with them.

Can you tell us something about the ongoing “InSex” projects ? Are you working on an album ?
The album is due to release in the spring but since we’re dickhead maybe in half a day we’ll manage to mess up the few ideas we came up with in 6 months. The first single has been willing a soft entry. The other tracks will be surely more aggressive , we’re thinking about a mix between electronic and hard rock, we’re just hoping to mix well the two things.


You can listen INSEX on MySpace

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