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The Heartagram Path it’s not a registered online newspaper, nor it does aspire to be such. Site content is partly original material or taken from external sources (credited at the bottom of this page). If, for an inattention on our part, we used some of your material, forgive us, it was not on purpose, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll promptly credit your work.

This site is gossip-free, we will not post news regarding personal lives of the members of HIM, unless found on the official site or reported by a reliable source (such as important music mags, of interviews).

For every info, complaint, or affiliate request, we ask you to write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.it

The Heartagram Path is one of the two HIM Official ItalianStreet Team as you can see  listed on HIM official board. Anyway, our site was born as a news site, dedicated to the band and created  with the purpose of gathering portal for fans who are willing to combine their love for HIM and the strong desire to help spreading the love.


We’re trying our best to do the best. From fans for fans.













Nick: Sweetie  - Founder, Admin
Name: Alessia

Favourite Albums: Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, Venus Doom
Favourite songs: The Sacrament, Sleepwalking Past Hope, Drawn and quartered
Favourite quote: "Hold these hearts for one another, it's worth all wounds, it must be" - Drawn and quartered
HIM music is:  A painfully romantic way to escape reality.


Nick: Anesthesia - Admin

Name: Michela

Favourite Albums:  Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, Venus Doom
Favourite Songs: Resurrection, Rip Out the wings of a butterfly, Hearts at War
Favourite Quote: " We been slaves to this love from the moment we touched"  Resurrection - HIM
HIM music is:  entering to another world




Nick: aurin616 - Translator, Technical support
Nome: Alessandra 
Favourite albums: 1- Razorblade Romance, 2- Love Metal, 3-Venus doom
Favourite songs: 1- Beyond redemption; 2- Sleepwalking past hope; 3- Resurrection
Favourite quote: no one's gonna catch you when you fall.
HIM music is: fresh air (maybe a bit intoxicating, sometimes XD)


Nick: Velvetdaisy- Translator
Nome: Margherita Realmonte 
Favourite albums: Greatest Love Song Vol. 666, Razorblade Romance, Love Metal
Favourite songs: In Joy And Sorrow, The Path, Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
Favourite quotes: I'd like to link two quotes from different songs, something like:  “My home is in your arms, My heaven is wherever you are” (it will be a tattoo, someday)
HIM music is: pure adrenaline

Nick: Glendora - graphic designer

Nome: Alessia

Favourite albums: Love metal, Venus doom e Razorblade romance 

Favourite songs: Resurrection, When Love and Death embrace, In joy and sorrow 

Favourite quote: Love's our shadow on the wall 

HIM music is: a ray of light in the dark corners


Nick: Lady_Crow - Translator, editor of "From Hell"
Nome: Delia

Favourite albums: Gratest Lovesongs Vol. 666, Dark Light, Venus Doom
Favourite songs: Killing Loneliness, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, Sleepwalking Past Hope
Favourite quote: "With the venomous kiss you gave me I'm killing loneliness".
Killing Loneliness

HIM music is: infernal, maximizing, desperate.


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