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The Heartagram Path - HIM Approved Site - La tua risorsa italiana al Love Metal e agli HIM

26.04.2013 Londra


      (Credits to Cat from His Infernal Magazine for this pic)


Dingwalls, London (UK)


All Lips Go Blue 

Buried Alive By Love  

Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly  

Right Here in My Arms 

The Kiss of Dawn  

Hearts at War  

Join me in death

Your Sweet 666 

Passion's Killing Floor  

Tears on Tape 

Wicked Game  

It's All Tears 

Soul on Fire  

Into the Night 

The Funeral of Hearts  

When Love and Death Embrace 


Sleepwalking Past Hope 

Recensione: by Cat from His Infernal Magazine QUI

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Scheda concerto a cura di Michela 


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